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Firstly, congratulations!

Our objective here is to provide the highest standard of care for you and your unborn baby. Dr Borozdina will be there for you to experience a positive enjoyable pregnancy journey.

First step is too get a referral from your GP with all ante natal bloods from this current pregnancy and a dating scan forwarded to us so we can arrange your initial booking in appointment, which will be with one of our midwives. This appointment lasts around 45-60 minutes. Throughout this appointment our midwife will get to know you, your history, discuss the fee and answer any questions you may have.

Generally your first appointment with Dr Borozdina will be after your 12 week scan and any screening tests that you may have done. You will see Dr Borozdina at a 4 weekly interval up until 28 weeks which will then go to a fortnightly basis and once you reach 36 weeks you will be seen on a weekly basis until delivery.

You can choose to have your baby at SJOG or Bendigo Health. Dr Borozdina endeavours to see you throughout the whole pregnancy but there may be the occasions where you will be required to see one of our practice midwives Kym or Laraine.


Cost Rebate Out of pocket
Booking in $100.00 $27.25 $72.75
Initial-Obs $200.00 $72.75 $127.25
Subsequent $100.00 $40.10 $59.90
28w Fees $3000.00 $275 $2725

Anti D, CTGS and vaccinations will be bulk billed

Labour and delivery

Depending on where you choose to deliver you will have an appointment with the midwives at the hospital where you will go through the relevant paperwork and go on a tour of the ward and birthing suites. Booking in early is recommended and preferred by the hospitals. Dr Borozdina will try to be present at your birth, however this may not be the case as she participates in a weekend on call arrangement with her fellow colleagues in town This arrangement is best as it helps make sure that you have a well rested doctor who is able to keep up with professional development requirements.


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