Gynaecology – Dr Angelika Borozdina
Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Public Hoidays: Closed



Angelika is an experienced specialist in general gynaecology, and has a special interest in invasive surgery and pelvic floor reconstruction. She is extensively trained with advanced laparoscopic surgical skills, endometriosis and hysterectomy.

During your consultation, Angelika will discuss your presenting problem in detail and discuss your upcoming procedure if one is required. You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Dr Borozdina commonly manages the following procedures annual gynaecological exams, check-ups, contraception/birth control, STD testing with treatment, HPV testing, HPV vaccination, infertility evaluation with treatment, pre pregnancy counselling, treatment of fibroids, treatment of abnormal bleeding, PMS counselling with treatment, evaluation and treatment of pelvic pain, evaluation and assessment of recurrent miscarriage, treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cyst evaluations and treatment, management of menopause/peri menopause, HRT, Urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, PCOS, early pregnancy complications (miscarriage/ectopic), abnormal pap smears requiring a colposcopy and vaginal atrophy. 

You will see below links to some common gynaecological problems and procedures.

To get an appointment with Dr Borozdina you will need a referral from your GP faxed through to our practice for her to triage before we can offer an appointment. If your referring doctor could attach all relevant scans/test you

have had this will ensure that we have all the information required to triage your referral correctly.

If you should require a surgery, Angelika will complete a theatre booking form with you in your consultation, this will then be booked by our friendly reception staff. Patients with private Health have access to SJOG, Bendigo Health, Echuca Regional Health, Castlemaine Health and BDS for your surgery.

If you don’t have private health, we have access to public lists at Castlemaine Health and Echuca Hospital.

New patients initial consultations are booked for half an hour with subsequent consultations are booked for 15 minutes, should you require longer please let our reception staff know so we can book a double appointment, this may incur an additional fee.


Cost Rebate Out of pocket
Initial Consult only  $250.00 $76.80* $173.20*
Review Consultation $150.00 $38.60* $111.40*
Neotonus Chair $50.00 $36.55* $13.45*
MLT Laser $500.00 $36.55* $463.55*
PRP $250.00 $36.55* $213.50*
UDS $550.00 $364.10* $185.90*

Procedures like a colposcopy, mirena insertion/removal, implanon insertion/removal etc. are additional on the consultation fee, please call Reception to enquire. 

All rebates are pre threshold rebates and are an estimate. Accounts are to be settled in full on the day of your consultation.

Surgery fees are discussed upon booking your theatre. A 50% deposit is required upon booking your surgery. These fees are Angelika’s fees only. 

During theatre along with the surgeon’s fees you may have an anaesthetist fee, assistance fee, hospital excess and additional equipment required for surgery.


Pelvic Floor

RANZCOG Links : Asherman syndrome

Cervical Screening

Chronic pelvic pain


Heavy Menstrual bleeding





Planning for pregnancy



High Risk CST—higher-risk

Intermediate Risks CST—intermediate-risk

Low Risk CST—low-risk

Unsatisfactory CST—unsatisfactory

Chlamydia Booklet

Colposcopy/Biopsy/LLETZ/Cone Biopsy

Mona Lisa Treatment